SMP Server Rules

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SMP Server Rules

Post by Libzy on Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:52 pm

Welcome to 1527 SMP Rules
1) Griefing will NOT be tolerated! Griefing is defined as any block breaking/placing, animal slaughtering, crop stealing, sheep sheering, chest theft, or otherwise world altering action that has not been ok'd by the owner or caretaker of the building/area.

2) All players and staff are to be treated with respect. There shall be no name calling (unless the parties involved are joking around and are all aware of the fact they are joking around), bullying, rudeness or crudeness. Bans will be handed out for any slurs (racial, sexist, homophobic, etc). WE DO NOT CALL OTHER HUMANS GAY OR RETARDED

3) Dirt houses left for more than 24 hours will be removed. No 1x1 towers unless it's being used as scaffolding. Trees must be removed COMPLETELY and REPLANTED (if in a natural forest and land is not being cleared for a specific purpose).

4) No x-ray client side mods (or texture packs) are allowed! No hacking mods, obviously.

5) No taking dropped items from player-deaths.

6) If a staffer asks something of you, you must comply! If you have an issue with their request, please get in touch with an owner.

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